The Potter, Donkey and Mental Slavery

Here’s a story on mental slavery, written by Segun Awosanya. In a small village, there lived a potter. He had a donkey. Everyday his donkey would carry soil from the field to his house. Since the field was quite far… Continue Reading →

ALMAJIRI – a short story

Baba na left mama na when she got pregnant. He said he wasn’t responsible for the pregnancy and mama na wasn’t even a virgin when he met her. But mama na kept me anyway, she took care of me and… Continue Reading →

Obatala’s Story On Humanity Will Teach You A Major Life Lesson!!

At the time of Obatala, three people came to him dragging a young man with them and said to him: “Babalawo, aboru boyè! This man has murdered our father.” Obatala: “Why did you kill their father?” Young man: “I’m a… Continue Reading →

Battling Depression? Here’s The Help You Need

Depression isn’t something that should be taken lightly; it has been discovered to be one of the leading causes of the high rate of suicide. At a particular point in time, everyone gets depressed. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. But majority… Continue Reading →


When you were a little kid, you had dreams; dreams, big dreams. You wanted to be a pop star that comes on the stage amidst hollas, yells, applauds and cheers. You wanted to be the soul singer who brought tears… Continue Reading →

Finding Joy In Little Places

I have always lived with animals. When I was little, we had turkeys and rabbits running about our home. One little turkey was allowed in the sitting room and it was always attracted to my earrings and would peck it… Continue Reading →

Safety Tips To Observe When Your Kids Are Around…

Kids are naturally curious; they seem to poke their noses into any and everything. Many people say that you spend the first few months teaching kids how to walk and then the next few days, teaching them to keep still…. Continue Reading →

Finding It Difficult To Sleep? Here’s What You Can Do

Many people find it difficult to sleep at times If I ask what really keeps you awake at night, How will you answer this? Many people cannot answer this question! Because it is either they’re working, on social media, fiddling… Continue Reading →

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your First Date…

Many of us get so nervous when that guy we have been crushing on for so long finally asks us out on a date. It’s a dream come true!! We spend days preparing for it, but then get so nervous… Continue Reading →

Tips on How To Build Confidence in Your Children…

As adults, one thing some of us battled with when we were children was our confidence. Truth be told, it still affects us at times; We know we are smart, intelligent and all of that, but then, we are still… Continue Reading →

Nigerian Banks Fight Online Wars On Twitter.

In the midst of the problems plaguing the Nigerian youths, we have once again found another source of entertainment, as banks engage in subtle online wars on Twitter. Sterling Bank drew the first blood by throwing shade at other banks… Continue Reading →

A Wife Who Earns 750k Salary and A Husband Who Earns 70k, Who Should Resign?

Someone once mentioned how his pastor told a story of a couple in Nigeria; the husband lives in Lagos and earns 70,000 Naira as salary and the wife works in Kaduna state and earns 750,000 Naira. One of them needs… Continue Reading →

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