5 Ways To Build A Stronger Father-Child Relationship

I watched a video recently, where a man, alongside his little daughter set up classes to teach men on how to handle and braid their daughter’s hair. The man, being a single parent to his daughter, had initially had difficulty… Continue Reading →

Fun Things You Can Do On Weekends

Working in the city of Lagos is never easy. From Monday to Friday, the holdups, polluted environment, shouts, screams, hustling and bustling can leave you physically and mentally drained. Well, man has got to hustle, even though our president has… Continue Reading →

Can Life Be So Perfect?

We have had people who throughout their lives have never suffered, at least, no suffering that we actually know of, and then we envy them. Then again, we have people who, just within a twinkle of an eye, their lives… Continue Reading →

6 Types Of Toxic People You Should Avoid

There are toxic people everywhere you go; among your family, friends, colleagues, in the church, mosque, community, as a matter of fact, they are everywhere. Your relationship with people is supposed to in one way or the other elevate your… Continue Reading →

Poetry – Awero

Awero loves to wear skimpy skirts and throw her waist about as she walked She wouldn’t wear a bra and her luscious nipples would peer at you as she passed One day, Ladipo grappled her in his lusty arms and… Continue Reading →

Please Be My Friend

Please be my friend Let me tell you how my day went Let me tell you how papa left Oh! What pang of pain my soul felt. The songs of sorrows I sang For beneath the clouds and soil My… Continue Reading →

Learn The Word – Maladroit

It’s been a while you learnt a new word, so today, we’ll learn the word Maladroit. Maladroit or Mal-adroit┬ácan be defined as┬áthe inability to be skillful, clever, or resourceful in handling situations – that is, being inept, clumsy or awkward… Continue Reading →

Quote Of The Day

…The Day I Died

I remember the day I died I saw the blackness of white I chased shadows to unknown route Death clasped its strength upon my growth The day I died Hades cast dimness upon light He journeyed to doom And my… Continue Reading →

These 5 Habits Will Disgrace You!

So many of us have bad habits that we don’t really pay attention to. At times, we know that these habits are not that good, but we feel shebi I am at home, no one is paying much attention to… Continue Reading →

Quote Of The Day

“Doubts kill more dreams than failure will ever do” Today’s quote of the day is from Suzy Kassem who is a writer. This quote is the truth!! Of course, you can only fail when you have tried. Doubts will prevent… Continue Reading →

A Quick Session With Oluwatoyin Oluwatoyin

If the name Oluwatoyin Oluwatoyin rings a bell, that means you are quite abreast with the educational reforms she is making in Nigeria and beyond. Oluwatoyin is one of the major pillars holding Educontent Factory Africa – an organization that… Continue Reading →

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